inferr: Inferential statistics with R

Author: Aravind Hebbali
License: MIT

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Inferential statistics allows us to make generalizations about populations using data drawn from the population. We use them when it is impractical or impossible to collect data about the whole population under study and instead, we have a sample that represents the population under study and using inferential statistics technique, we make generalizations about the population from the sample.

The inferr package:

  • builds upon the statistical tests provided in stats
  • provides additional and flexible input options
  • more detailed and structured test results

As of version 0.1, inferr includes a select set of parametric and non-parametric statistical tests which are listed below:

  • One Sample t Test
  • Paired Sample t Test
  • Independent Sample t Test
  • One Sample Proportion Test
  • Two Sample Proportion Test
  • One Sample Variance Test
  • Two Sample Variance Test
  • Binomial Test
  • Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test
  • Chi Square Independence Test
  • Levene’s Test
  • Cochran’s Q Test
  • McNemar Test
  • Runs Test for Randomness

Shiny App

Use infer_launch_shiny_app() to explore the package using a shiny app.